Private Sector Orientation

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on the Management of Federal Real Property


It’s been said: “You don’t know what you don’t know”. For those wanting to provide real property related goods and services to the federal government, identifying and interpreting all the policies and information is challenging.

The Real Property Institute of Canada‘s new Private Sector Orientation Course has been developed to help you and your company be better informed.

Leveraging RPIC’s knowledge and insights of federal real property, we partnered with EY Canada and engaged their experts to help distil the abundance of available information and zero in on what’s most relevant.

The result is a two-day course divided into three modules that cover the following learning objectives:

Module 1:       The federal real property portfolio, departmental roles and responsibilities, and current initiatives

Module 2:       Priorities, policies, and legislation affecting real property decisions

Module 3:       The private sector’s role in federal real property

Each module is presented in a dynamic, conversational way that encourages participants to engage in the discussion and ask questions.

As modules were developed, they were piloted with staff at Regional Group – an Ottawa real estate investment, development and management firm that approached RPIC and identified a need to better understand the government’s requirements and how to best respond. Special thanks to the team at Regional Group for their vital contributions to the development of the course.

Stay tuned for further launch details!

As the development and piloting nears completion, we’re looking ahead at offering the course in selected centres across Canada, beginning in 2020.

More to follow as dates and locations are determined.

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