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April 26 - SustRem Stream 1
Well 12A Case Study: Use of Green Remediation Contract Requirements and Reporting Practices During Excavation Activities PDF
Comparing Sustainable Natural Source Zone Depletion to Active Remediation Technologies – A Surprising Conclusion PDF
How To Follow-up Sustainability During Remediation and What We Have Learned From It PDF
A Retrospective Analysis of Sustainability Metrics for Remedial Alternatives at Two Sediment Remediation Sites PDF
Can Sustainability Assessments Lead to Improved Remediation Efficiency? PDF
Atlantic PIRI “The Atlantic RBCA Approach” PDF
Common Ground for Sustainable Remediation in the European Union Based on Industrial Emissions Directive PDF
Sustainability Assessment Tool of Soil Remediation and Redevelopment Projects PDF
Increased Reuse of Soil Arisings – A Sustainable Approach PDF
Does Sustainable Remediation Passes on Risks and Burdens to Future Generations? PDF
The Implementation of the “Traffic Signal Model” in the Wallonian Legislation for Reasonable Management of Potentially Polluted Sites PDF



April 26 - SustRem Stream 2
Eutrophic Lake Remediation by Using Natural Dolomite Rock to Immobilize Phosphorus from Water Columns and Sediments PDF
A New Process to Develop Sustainable Best Management Practices in Site Remediation and Redevelopment PDF
Sustainable Treatment of Perchlorate Contaminated Soil and Groundwater Using Local Resources PDF
Integration of Risk and Life Cycle Analyses for the Selection of Remediation Options for Contaminated Sites PDF
Discussion Session: How to Drive Research, Innovation and Sharing of Information in the Field of Sustainable Remediation PDF
Gathering and Analyzing Stakeholders’ Opinion for Mine Remediation Using a Web-based Multi-Criteria Analysis Tool PDF
Developing a Novel Sustainable Remediation Approach for Portland, Oregon Sediment Site PDF
Role of Risk Perception in Management and Stakeholder Engagement of Widespread Metals Source Pollution Clean-up PDF
Integrating the Social Element in Remedial Decision-Making: State of the Practice and Way Forward (A SuRF Initiative) PDF
Surf Italy: Stakeholder Engagement as a Key Element for Sustainable Principles Implementation in Contaminated Site Management PDF
What is Efficient Remediation and How Can it be Measured? PDF



April 27 - SustRem Stream 3
Why Do We Need an International Standard on Sustainable Remediation When We Could Go SuRFing Instead? PDF
Embedding Sustainability in a Remediation Scheme: A Former Tar Distillery, United Kingdom PDF
A Critical Review of Completed and Emerging Best Management Practices in Sustainable Brownfield Redevelopment PDF
Setting a New Standard for Corporate Conservation: Turning Remediation Sites into Assets PDF
Co-composting: A Sustainable Solution to Soil Impacted by Hydrocarbons PDF
Sustainable Solutions: Practical Approaches for Conducting Site Investigation, Managing Risk and Achieving Closure for Large Portfolio of Contaminated Sites PDF
Brantford, Ontario’s Greenwich Mohawk Site – Green Remediation of a 20-Hectare Site PDF
Municipal Innovation in Brownfield Remediation PDF
Innovative Use of a Sustainability Tool and Challenges for Stakeholder and Aboriginal Engagement on a Complex Remediation Project PDF
How Can We Improve Stakeholder Engagement in International Regions? PDF
Evaluating the Sustainability of Remediation Strategies at the Järpen Site with Stakeholders – A Case Study PDF-1



April 27 - SustRem Stream 4
Improving the Efficiency of an Existing Groundwater Remediation System PDF
Offsite Treatment and Re-use of Contaminated Soil in a Sustainable Development Context: Case Study of the Lac-Mégantic Disaster, Québec, Canada PDF
Sustainable Development of Waste Management Site, in Drummondville, Quebec PDF
Risk Assessment for Intelligent Re-use of Contaminated Soil in the Future Champlain Bridge Project PDF
Discussion Session: Waste Re-use and Best Management Practices Concerning Sustainable Waste Management PDF
Can We Still Justify Every Remediation in a Sustainability Context: A Social Cost Benefit Analysis PDF
Application of Sustainability Metrics to In-situ Remediation “Scale-Up” Planning at an Alabama Manufacturing Facility PDF
Quantifying Global Impacts to Society from the Consumption of Natural Resources During Environmental Remediation Activities PDF-1
Comparison of Different Tools and Assessment Methodologies for Evaluating the Environmental Footprint of Clean-up Options PDF
Sustainability Performance Indicators, Remedial Option Analysis and Project Optimization PDF
A Holistic Approach to Site Assessment of Former Landfill and Sustainable Remediation PDF



April 28 - SustRem Stream 5
A Trial of Sustainable Remediation or Green Remediation in Japan and the Japan-specific Problems PDF
Regional Sustainable Coal Mines Reclamation Program, Santa Catarina State, Brazil PDF
Implementing Social Sustainability in an Environmental Remediation Project in Northern Saskatchewan PDF



April 28 - SustRem Stream 6
Utilization of Waste Materials, Non-Refined Materials and Renewable Energy in In-situ Remediation PDF
Sustainable Remediation of Peatland Following a Petroleum Hydrocarbon Spill PDF
Improving the Sustainability of Clean-ups Through Conservation and Reuse of Treated Groundwater: A SuRF Initiative PDF

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