November 25-26, 2020
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An Update from the President

Dear RPIC Members,

As with most organizations, the global pandemic has caused RPIC to change the way we approach the provision of timely and relevant training and networking opportunities for our community. Not only has RPIC risen to meet those challenges by taking our content online, but along the way, we have made changes that we believe will benefit our community long after COVID-19 is a distant memory.

Our Mission remains unchanged:

“To foster and enable professional development, knowledge exchange and lifelong learning across the federal government real property community.”

While the cancellation of three in-person National Workshops in 2020 was certainly disappointing, the great news is that we are flush with outstanding content and have built the capacity to deliver our professional development program through digital platforms. For example, we have developed a new Speaker Series with thought leaders from the public and private sector. Some of these initial webinars are complimentary and have already been delivered. We are pleased to report that the webinars have been well attended and the content is available on our website for you to enjoy at your convenience from wherever you are There are many more sessions being programmed in this series and are aligned with highest priority needs of our vast community. Watch for notices through the eZINE, social media and on our web site.

The big news is that we are also about to launch RPIC’s first ever virtual workshop in November 2020. This is extremely exciting as the platform offers so many options to watch and interact with speakers and panel members, network with colleagues, meet new business contacts and learn about the latest innovations through our partners and exhibitors. Registered delegates will also have access to content for some time after the Workshop. Registration is opening soon, so stay tuned for this important announcement!

Announcements about formats of our other premier offerings like the Federal Contaminated Sites National Workshop, the Marine Infrastructure National Workshop and the Forum on the Workplace will follow once our plans for 2021 are finalized.

Our teams are also hard at work planning the roll out of the ever-popular Professional Development Days, often associated with in-person workshops. By offering them throughout the year, the community will have access to a menu of training packages at a very reasonable cost.

Finally, thank you for responding to our surveys. Your feedback, together with RPIC’s engagement with Senior Executives through our Senior Advisory Council and our research and analysis, ensures our programming continues to be shaped around your learning needs and responds to the ever-changing environment and government priorities impacting our work. From issues of national policy and program interest, to operational and detailed technical training, RPIC promises the latest developments and innovative insights from global and national leaders and experts. If you have any questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I look forward to engaging with you through our new virtual program.


Sonia Powell
Real Property Institute of Canada

Our vision

A high-performing federal real property community that effectively shares knowledge to modernize and improve its professional practices..

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2020 RPIC Professional Development Day (Virtual Edition)
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2021 RPIC Professional Development Day (Virtual Edition)
The Art of the Possible: Harnessing Data Analytics for "Real" Results


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2021 RPIC Professional Development Day (Virtual Edition)
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February 9, 2021

2021 RPIC Professional Development Day (Virtual Edition)
Public Private Partnerships – From Theory to Contract Management


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