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2013 RPIC Real Property Awards
November 6, 2013
Ottawa Convention Centre, Ottawa, ON

Best Practices – Project Management – Individual Award

Frederick Hardy
RCMP PRINCE2® Integration

Following a comprehensive review and analysis, Frederick Hardy introduced a new enterprise level project management system to the RCMP. This system, PRINCE2®, not only enables the RCMP to meet evolving project accountability standards, it has introduced a new level of project management professionalism and sophistication.

IMG 5605

From Left to Right: Frederick Hardy, Alain Séguin, Pierre-Marc Mongeau, George Green, James Ralston and Jean Deschamps

Best Practices – Project Management – Group Award

RCMP National Headquarters Relocation Project
Project Team: Paul McCarthy, Martin Page, Bernie Applebaum, Mike Garner, Martin Petersons, Elzbieta Fiett, Terrry Thorn, Doug Mineault, John Sheridan, Philippe Bissonette, Thomas Brennan, Marcel Phillion, André Lacelle, Craig Davis, Eric Konieczny, Larry Clement, Paul Macleod, Gary Kelly, Randy Robert, Mike Rouleau, Eric Janveaux, Oliver Leclerc, Marc St Pierre, Dianne Saunders, Shanna Jacklin, Nathalie Reilly, Paula Meldrum, Sandra Rodrigues, Greg Finlay, Ed Minder, Suzanne Stoltz, David Peterson, Mo Sotille, Jeff Baird, Stephen Babb, David Fowler, Valerie Allen, Carolyn Frank, Ruth Lafrance, Jo Boomhower, Lisa Anderson, Mary Geliner, Melinda Hazelwood, Keith Grant, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Dennis C. MacDonald, Jeff Current, Wayne Beamish, John Francis Grice, Doug McCune, Karen Napior, Carolyn Walsh, Patricia Mayer, Shari Crawley, Richard Larabie, Public Works and Government Services Canada
Greg Rogers, Paul Stewart, Lloyd Kilgore, David Peterson, Robert Campbell, Sue Roach, Laurie Madden, Hollie McDonald, Minto Group Inc.

Through integration of their work, a truly extraordinary office campus has been created; one that has the potential to shape and influence the RCMP HQ culture for many years. This LEED CI 'Silver' facility is comprised of seven buildings interconnected by an atrium and has the capacity to accommodate approximately 3,000 employees.

IMG 5610

From Left to Right: Dennis MacDonald, Martin Page, Lloyd Kilgore, Alain Séguin, Pierre-Marc Mongeau, George Green, James Ralston and Jean Deschamps

Partnership – Group Award

RCMP H Division Headquarters Relocation Project
Project Team: Bill Fioratos, Heide Morash, Marc Brophy, Ellen Coady, Ray Lamb, Vanessa Morrison, Larry Clark, Fred Rahey, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Eugene Chown, Greg Gromack, Virginia Howard, Chris Restin, Rick Vermeulen, Gabriel Carriere, Mike Dundan, Public Works and Government Services Canada

RCMP H Division Headquarters Relocation Project was a complex accommodation project that involved the consolidation of ten operational locations to one in a new purpose built facility. The construction of the facility and relocation of 500 staff was delivered under budget, six months ahead of schedule and on scope, while saving taxpayers approximately one million dollars.

IMG 5615

Service Excellence

Heather Kane

Heather Kane has exhibited dedication and passion over many years of service to RPIC and the Federal government. She has been instrumental in the development and unity of the real property community.

IMG 5623

From Left to Right: Heather Kane, Alain Séguin, Pierre-Marc Mongeau, George Green, James Ralston and Jean Deschamps

Lifetime Achievement

Richard DeBenetti

Richard DeBenetti has committed 30 years to the field of real property and over the 30 years has demonstrated excellent leadership and personal attributes. A few of his achievements include:

  • Establishing a strategic alliance between Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) to revitalize a diverse multi-purpose portfolio of 420,000 m2 of NRCan owned and leased facilities.
  • While Director, National Client Service Team, for NRCan, Richard successfully transitioned the former Real Property Client Service unit into an integrated Client Service Team offering the full range of PWGSC services.
  • In 2005 while working as an Account Executive for the Client Consultancy Sector, Real Property Branch, he successfully managed the approval and rolling out of the frontend space standards pilot for HRSDC/Service Canada.

Richard has contributed to the advancement, innovation and evolution of real property - from implementing disciplined, portfolio management rigour to innovation avant-garde client service models to developing new, supply chain relationships with the private sector.

IMG 5625

From Left to Right: Richard DeBenetti, Alain Séguin, Pierre-Marc Mongeau, George Green, James Ralston and Jean Deschamps

2013 RPIC Federal Heritage Buildings Award of Excellence in Heritage Conservation

Birthplace of Canada's National Parks: Cave and Basin National Historic Site Renewal Project
Project Team: Steve Malins, John Rose, Susan Kennard, Rod Pickard, Meg Stanley, Parks Canada  

Project highlights include:

  • Rehabilitation of a defunct swimming pool into a multifunctional interpretive centre/heritage venue while maintaining the historic building's heritage character defining elements.
  • Construction of a new contemporary building located adjacent to heritage building.
  • Excellent design and in keeping with the standards and guidelines.
  • Renewed visitor experience utilizing the complete NHS footprint (board walks, viewing decks, natural features, cultural landscape).
  • Careful integrated approach to planning/monitoring/mitigation of complex parameters of heritage building conservation, new construction, cultural resources, sensitive ecological habitat and public access.
  • Conservation repair of the Basin Pavilion’s interior north wall.
  • Substantial community consultation from design to build.

 2012 RPIC Real Property Awards
November 7, 2012
Palais des congrès de Montréal, Montréal, QC

Best Practices – Environmental Sustainability – Group Award

Real Property Life Cycle Assessment for the Environment
Project Team: Cailhong Chen, Bill Mohrmann-Watson, Michael Nowlan, Annie Prigge, Natural Resources Canada

Natural Resources Canada was the first federal department to officially adopt and require the completion of environmental Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), at the design stage, for significant real property initiatives. LCA is an ISO standardized methodology that can quantify the whole life-cycle environmental impacts of design and building material choices, including extraction, transportation, use, maintenance, demolition and disposal.

DSC 3563

From Left to Right: Michael Nowlan, Annie Prigge, Bill Mohrmann-Watson, Caihong Chen and Marc O’Sullivan

Best Practices – Project Management – Group Award

Deconstruction of the Champlain Maritime Station, Quebec
Project Team: Serge Demers, Alain Rouleau, Claudia Beauchemin, Bernard Marsan, Public Works and Government Services Canada

This project involved the systematic and comprehensive dismantling of the building with maximum recovery of all materials, devices, equipment and components of the subsystem of the building.

DSC 3578

From Left to Right: Heather Kane, PWGSC Project Team, Marc O’Sullivan and John McBain

Partnership – Group Award

CSA Standard – Deconstruction of Buildings and Their Related Parts
Project Team: Simon Foo, Vince Catalli, Craig Boyle, Michael Clapham, Brain Kyle, CSA Group

In Canada, 25% of the solid waste stream is the result of construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) activities. For more than 10 years Public Works and Government Services Canada and other Federal Government Departments have been addressing best practices in CRD waste management by developing new construction specifications, conducting business case analysis, sourcing out regional diversion opportunities, integrating 3Rs into CRD projects all of which is an accumulation of knowledge that has been recently applied into the first standard known in the world within the realm of deconstruction an alternative to standard demolition practices that aims to recover over 80% of waste materials.

DSC 3589

From Left to Right: Heather Kane, Michael Nowlan, Simon Foo, Vince Catalli, Marc O’Sullivan and John McBain


Sydney Tar Pond and Coke Ovens Remediation Project
Project Team: Randy Vallis, Public Works and Government Services Canada

In the 1990s, nearly 1,000 public meetings were held with formal participation from over 1,700 residents and remediation specialists to attain consensus on an acceptable clean-up method for the Sydney Tar Ponds site in Sydney, Nova Scotia. On May 4, 2004, the Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia committed to cleaning up the sites over a 10-year period at a cost of $400 million. Today, the Sydney Tar Ponds Remediation Project is a major success story. Since April 2004, a total of 48 contracts with a cumulative value of $292 million were awarded to 25 vendors. 23 of the 25 service providers under contract to the project were located in Cape Breton.

DSC 3599

From Left to Right: Heather Kane, Rob Wright (Province of Nova Scotia), Randy Vallis, Marc O’Sullivan and John McBain

Service Excellence – Group Award

Federal Real Property Demographic Workforce Analysis
Project Team: Rosa Paliotti, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Mark Featherstone, Public Works and Government Services Canada

This project involved the preparation of a workforce analytical study of the federal real property community. The resulting study included a demographic profile, with historical trend analysis and mobility analysis. Overcoming challenges in surveying 16 occupational groups and 12 functions in the community made this a significant accomplishment.

DSC 3613

From Left to Right: Heather Kane, Mark Featherstone, Rosa Paliotti, Marc O’Sullivan and John McBain

2010 RPIC Real Property Awards
November 24, 2010
InterContinental Hotel, Toronto, ON

Service Excellence – Group Award

Facility Condition Assessment Program: Effective Capital Planning – The Ontario University System
Project Team: Duncan Watt, Darryl Boyce, Kevin Gallinger, Carleton University
Ann Brown, Queen's University
Bob Carter, University of Guelph
Anthony Cupido, McMaster University
Bruce Dodds, University of Toronto
Ian Hamilton, Ryerson University
Dennis Hastings, University of Windsor
Dennis Huber, University of Waterloo
John Wordley, Trent University

The Ontario University System is comprised of 19 universities across the province with a total of 357,000 full-time students, encompassing over 70 million square feet of facilities and with a current replacement value of $20 billion. Less than two years after the creation of the Facility Condition Assessment Program (FCAP), the Ontario government awarded the University System $93 million in deferred maintenance funding - an increase of $40 million from previous years. This funding level was based on the requirements from only 20% of the universities' physical structures. Funding for the System's Facility Renewal Program has increased by an average of $80 million over the nine-year period since FCAP was implemented.

 MG 0630

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, JP St-Amand, Bob Carter, Darryl Boyce, Scott Stevenson

Best Practices – Comprehensive Planning – Individual

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Investment Plan
Jean Deschamps, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Jean Deschamps assumed the lead role in developing the RCMP’s Investment Plan covering the period 2008-09 to 2012-13. His strategic, innovative and comprehensive analysis along with his dedication to quality and excellence resulted in the RCMP investment plan being approved by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, including increased authorities, in March 2009. As a result of Jean's efforts, the coordination of investment planning across the Force has been strengthened and scarce resources are being optimized.

 MG 0631

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, JP St-Amand, Jean Deschamps, Scott Stevenson

Best Practices – Comprehensive Planning – Group Award

Accessibility Audit Action Plan
Project Team: Doug Thayer, Muhammad Nuraddeen, Serge Gaudreau, Marilou Ouellet, Carole Proulx, Tamela Quigg, Doug Sally, Health Canada

The Health Canada Accessibility Audit Action Team was created to review Health Canada's (HC) real property holdings in the National Capital Region and identify improvements required to bring base building elements into compliance with the 1995 and 2004 Treasury Board Accessibility Requirements, as well as to develop and implement an action plan to ensure compliance. The Team's template and methodology have been recommended by the Canadian Human Rights Commission as a best practice to other government departments and the private sector to address current accessibility concerns in their current buildings and for consideration in future acquisitions.

 MG 0633

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, Scott Stevenson, Muhammad Nuraddeen, Gary Lacey, JP St-Amand

Best Practices – Environmental Sustainability – Group Award

Village at Griesbach
Canada Lands Company

Achieving special sustainable development designation for portion of the project demonstrated how Canada Lands Company’s approach as a developer is compatible with environmentally sustainable best practices.

 MG 0634

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, JP St-Amand, Marvin Neumann, Scott Stevenson

Best Practices – Project Management – Individual Award

Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre
Denis Fortin, Department of National Defence

Denis Fortin initiated and developed, over a period of five years, a Modified Design Build (MDB) process for the delivery of Department of National Defence infrastructure construction projects. He successfully utilized this new project delivery process as a pilot project to deliver the 5,000m2 Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre at 8 Wing, CFB Trenton in June 2010. His new MDB process was focussed on blending the most beneficial elements from each of the standard Design-Bid-Build and Design Build processes, while equally seeking to minimize the negative impacts. This process reduced tendering time by four months, eliminated potential for conflict, eliminate duplication, produce better estimates and improved approval process control with pre-determined off-ramps.

 MG 0636

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, JP St-Amand, Denis Fortin, Scott Stevenson

Best Practices – Project Management – Group Award

Kanata Centre for Innovation Project
Project Team: Gary Lacey, Cathryn Mayville, Marilou Ouellet, Karen Bader, 
Christine Blouin, Samantha Scott, Ken Parlee, Brent Hoelke, 
Rose Graves, Sunrta Brule, Amy Daly, Deborah Rose, Health Canada
John Balazic, Lisa Maidens, Constantine Lazaridis, Wendell Wilson,
Diana Campbell, Jim Quinn, Emmanuelle Guay, Public Works and Government Services Canada

The Health Canada/Public Works and Government Services Canada Kanata Centre of Innovation Project Management Team managed the office redesign and fit-up project of a new facility for Health Canada's (HC) Information Management/Technology (IM/IT) specialists, including the acquisition of a more cost-efficient lease space, efficient collaboration amongst stakeholders, partnering with the future tenants and realizing a cutting-edge office space. This project deliverable united all of HC's IM/IT specialists in one location.

 MG 0639

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, Scott Stevenson, John Balazic, Kin Choi, JP St-Amand

Best Practices – Project Management – Group Award

Depot Modernization Project
RCMP Depot Project Management Team

The Depot Project Management Team has continuously exceeded project expectations over the past several years. Through demonstrated best practices in design, disposal, facility management, renovation, project management, collaborative partnerships, environmental practices, sensitivity to heritage, etc., “Depot” Division in Regina, SK, has been transformed into a modern training facility as well as being identified as a "top attraction to visit in North America". By all accounts, the transformative changes to the RCMP Training Academy have ensure that Depot is well equipped to respond to the emerging priorities and future training requirements of the RCMP while also preserving the heritage and history that has made Depot a national attraction.

 MG 0642

From Left to right: Allan Currie, Daniel Leclair, 
Brian Ludwar, Kevin Serle, Linda Topping, 
Steve Smedley, Jean-Pierre St- Amand, 
Scott Stevenson


Accelerated Infrastructure Program Initiative
Project Team: Matt Johanson, Holly Lewis, Dan Jollimore, James W. Reeves, 
David Robinson, Corinne Steed, Pierre Vanasse, Glenn D. Webber,
 Mark Schneider, Pierre Chambefor, Tom Gribbin, Bob Nash,
 Alan Anderson, Dan Davis, Parks Canada
William Blight, Sylvie Asselin, Jack Vandenberg, Silvano Mason,
 Helen Serrurier, Hendrika Murzsa, Lisa Lafosse, Michèle-Ann Sauvé,
 Leanne Cadieux, Desmond Gray, Public Works and Government Services Canada

Canada’s Economic Action Plan and Budget 2009 included funds to build and renew Canada-wide federal public infrastructure over two years. Parks Canada (PCA) received approximately $343 million for projects related to visitor experience, national historic sites and the twinning of the Trans Canada Highway within Banff National Park. PCA's Accelerated Infrastructure Program required the collaboration with Public Works and Government Services Canada to deliver approximately 1,117 infrastructure projects over a two-year period.

 MG 0643

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, JP St-Amand, Lisa Lafosse, Pierre Vanasse, Scott Stevenson

Service Excellence

Al Ricattone, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Al Ricottone has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to client service excellence in the real property field through his leadership role in successfully implementing the Real Property Service Agreements between the RCMP and Public Works and Government Services Canada for the provision of comprehensive property management services across the RCMP. Under his leadership, the RCMP has significantly changed the way real property services are delivered across the organization.

 MG 0645

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, Scott Stevenson, Al Ricattone, JP St-Amand

Recipient of the RPIC donation on behalf of National Workshop speakers:

Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation

 MG 0656

From Left to right: JP St-Amand, RPIC President, Peter Johnson, Director, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, Tara Dinsmore, Chair, 2010 Real Property National Workshop

Recognition award for outgoing RPIC ADM Champion

Scott Stevenson, Assistant Deputy Minister, Infrastructure and Environment, Department of National Defence

 MG 0627

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, RPIC Award Chair, JP St-Amand, RPIC President, Scott Stevenson, 2010 RPIC ADM Champion

2011 RPIC ADM Champion

Alain Séguin, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, Corporate Management and Comptrollership, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

 MG 0648

2011 RPIC Real Property Awards
November 16, 2011
National Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON

Best Practices – Comprehensive Planning – Group Award

Capital Planning and Management Solution – Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt
Marcel Gingras, Department of National Defence

Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Esquimalt contributes to operational capability and provides services, support and people to Maritime and Canadian Forces operations. The facility team implemented a Capital Planning and Management Solution beginning in 2009. As they gain insight into the current condition of CFB Esquimalt’s facility portfolio, the team has been able to leverage their new objective data and intelligent decision support system to change the way the Navy has approached facilities planning and budgeting.

Best Practices – Environmental Sustainability – Individual Award

Fume Hood Testing Modernization
Wolfgang Delfing, Health Canada

Wolfgang Delfing was instrumental in the development and implementation of an innovative new fume hood testing methodology (added as an addendum to the former testing procedure - MD15128). Adapting the existing testing methodology to more rigorous standards, he successfully implemented a number of improvement initiatives that led to replicable, dependable testing results every time. The new testing methodology is mechanized, simplifying the procedure and virtually removing human error as a risk factor.


From left to right: JP St-Amand, Wolfgang Delfing, Alain Séguin

Best Practices – Environmental Sustainability – Group Award

Achievements Under the Environmental Framework – Health Canada Environmental Management Services Team
Project Team: Muhammad Nuraddeen, Kelly Ellis, Jean-François Mercier, Faduma Yusuf, Charles Cameron, Health Canada

The Health Canada Environmental Management Services Team conceived and implemented a number of successful initiatives launched under the Environmental Framework, benefiting the environment and enhancing operations by reducing the organization's environmental footprint, as well as achieving significant cost savings. These initiatives included:

  • Automatic Computer Shutdown Script;
  • Replacement of existing continuous air ventilation system;
  • Implementation of a Green Meeting Guide;
  • Laboratory plastic recycling program; and,
  • Battery collection and disposal.


From left to right: JP St-Amand, Alain Séguin, Kelly Ellis, Jean-François Mercier, Charles Cameron

Best Practices – Project Management – Individual Award

Nitrate Film Preservation Facility – Library and Archives Canada
Richard E. Czuba, Public Works and Government Services Canada

This project involved the design and construction of a new Nitrate Film Preservation Facility for Library and Archives Canada on a greenfield site on the Communications Research Center campus at Shirley’s Bay in the west end of Ottawa. The one-story building is 1,450 m2 in gross building area and incorporates a green roof design with 22 individual temperature and humidity-controlled vaults.


From left to right: JP St-Amand, Alain Séguin, Richard Czuba, Jean Deschamps

Best Practices – Project Management – Group Award

PWGSC National Project Management System Continual Improvement Team
Project Team: Derby Martin and Jim Russell, Public Works and Government Services Canada

Derby Martin and Jim Russell have been long-term active members of the PWGSC Continual Improvement Team. Both are engaged in ensuring that the National Project Management System (NPMS) is followed and applied to all projects. They have provided invaluable input into the improvement of many aspects of the NPMs, for example, the risk management plans and NPMS “lite”.


From left to right: Jean Deschamps, Jim Russell, Derby Martin

Partnership – Group Award

Communications Security Establishment Canada Long Term Accommodation P3 Project
Project Team: Robert Brule, Robert Ryan, Thomas McKenzie, Richard MacDonald, Communications Security Establishment Canada
Martin Cukierman, Paul-Émile Leger, Defence Construction Canada

The success of the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) Long-Term Accommodation P3 Project (LTAP) to date has much to do with the partnership approach that was embraced by the project executive. This partnership, inclusive of CSEC staff, Defence Construction Canada staff and industry, could be deemed to be the model that similar P3 projects should follow. Collaboration, integration and consultation were the operative words. Of particular note, is that once the number of P3 proponents has been narrowed to three major teams, the LATP team began extensive consultation (consisting of 52 meetings in total) with each of the three proponents to ensure that their responses to the RFP would meet the complex financial, functional, technical and scope requirements.


From left to right: JP St-Amand, Alain Séguin, CSEC/DCC Team

Service Excellence – Individual Award

Jean-Pierre St-Amand, RPIC President 2007 - 2011

Jean-Pierre St-Amand has been an RPIC Board Member since 2001 and has been President since 2007. Throughout this 11 years of service, JP continuously strived to position RPIC as the ‘go-to” National Association for Real Property. It was due strongly to JP’s passion and leadership that RPIC has evolved into the strong leading organization it is today.


From left to right: Scott Stevenson, Gordon McIvor, JP St-Amand, Alain Séguin, John McBain

Lifetime Achievement Award

Ruth Brady, RCMP

Ruth Brady’s 35 year Public Service career has been dedicated to passionately supporting and professionalizing the real property community. Her contributions have been far-reaching and leading edge and have often been embedded in government-wide practice. She has developed Treasury Board policies and regional strategies and has provided leadership in many initiatives.


From left to right: JP St-Amand, Scott Stevenson, Gordon McIvor, Ruth Brady, Alain Séguin, John McBain, Jean Deschamps

2014 RPIC Real Property Awards
November 19, 2014
Shaw Centre, Ottawa, ON

Best Practices – Comprehensive Planning – Group Award

Department of National Defence Health Care Recapitalization Program
Project Team: Jacques Vaillancourt, John Halliday, Khalid Bashir, Bruce Macleod, Rémi Desmarais, Stéphane Lavalée, Bill Jamieson, Richard Helm, Wei Tang, Department of National Defence

The Project Team took it upon itself to initiate best practices for the implementation of a Health Care Recapitalization Program, a program of $560 million that designs and constructs new health care facilities on Department of National Defence Bases across Canada.

IMG 0355 copy

From Left to Right: John McBain, Jacques Vaillancourt, Khalid Bashir, Bill Matthews, Bruce Macleod, Jaime Pitfield, Rémi Desmarais, Heather Kane

Best Practices – Project Management – Individual Award 

Canadian Embassy and Official Residence in Prague (Czech Republic)
Yvona Bohackova, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

In the beginning, there was a historic palatial villa with the plan to build a new modern Canadian Embassy, and reconstruct the existing villa for a residence and representational functions. In the end, after going through a complex transformation, there is a modern embassy complex linking history and present together with the clients’ intentions. The primary concept represents a close relation of the existing villa and rudimentary volume of the new embassy building. Simple, smooth, dark and gently reflecting, a contemporary building stands in contract with a solid articulated eclectic architecture of the villa. Two buildings are connected by a floating glass screen which also serves as a gateway to the official entrance. The juxtaposition of modern elegance and historic style results in a highly representative architectural expression.

IMG 0356 copy

From Left to Right: John McBain, Yvona Bohackova, Bill Matthews, Jaime Pitfield, Heather Kane

Best Practices – Environmental Sustainability – Group Award

Building 700, 3rd Canadian Division Headquarters, CFB Edmonton, AB
Nicholas Psihramis, Department of National Defence
Todd Colbourne, Colbourne & Kembel Architects Inc.

This project involves relocation and consolidation of three Units at CFB Edmonton from two existing buildings into one new building of about 8,000 m2. Strategies include day-lighting and views for all occupants, 56% energy savings, roof water reclamation for evaporative cooling towers, minimalist materials, exposed concrete slabs and ceilings and walls for thermal mass, external light shades and internal light bounce shelves on the south side, native grasses on the site, low water use, and radiant slab heating.

IMG 0369 copy

From Left to Right: John McBain, Nicholas Psihramis, Maj (Ret’d) Cheryl Godefroy, Bill Matthews, Todd Colbourne, Jaime Pitfield, Chris Fox, Heather Kane

Lifetime Achievement

Nancy Shaver

Nancy Shaver has provided exceptional and sustained contributions by leading and implementing major real property initiatives at the Department of National Defence. These initiatives range from driving partnering arrangements with cities to spearheading major strategic disposal initiatives. Most of these initiatives had been on hold for many years due to challenges faced with Aboriginal issues and claims. Nancy marshalled a number of these projects to conclusion by driving through the disposal process, effective consultation with all stakeholders, including aboriginal groups, finding innovative solutions to addressing stakeholder interests and finalizing the sales to Canada Lands Company. This has resulted in the elimination of significant holding costs for DND and has enabled CLC to create value and provide financial returns to the Crown which were shared with DND for re-investment in real property. More recently Nancy was instrumental in the development of a multi-departmental initiative to make progress on the long-outstanding strategic disposals in the lower mainland of British Columbia involving three Aboriginal Groups and CLC. Nancy’s drive, determination, leadership skills and ability to build partnerships led to all these significant achievements.

IMG 0376 copy
From Left to Right: John McBain, Bill Matthews, Nancy Shaver, Jaime Pitfield, Heather Kane

2014 RPIC Federal Heritage Buildings Award of Excellence in Heritage Conservation

Disposal of the Recognized Aurora Armoury
Project Team: Department of National Defence (ADM(IE)/ DGPReqts/ DPP and the 4th CDN DIV HQ)

The Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office designated the Aurora Armoury as "Recognized" in 1991. As the property was no longer required in support of operational needs, the Department of National Defence (DND) looked at alternative uses for the building. Following the federal circulation process, the Town of Aurora showed interest in purchasing the property. The Government of Canada requested a Heritage Covenant in the transfer documents and consequently, the Town designated the Armoury as a heritage property. At its public meeting on September 9, 2014, the Town council authorized the purchase of the property. DND handed over the keys of the Aurora Armoury on September 30, 2014.

IMG 0385 copy

From Left to Right: John McBain, Bill Matthews, Valérie Baillard, Susan Chambers, Jaime Pitfield, Leslie Huynh, Heather Kane

2014 RPIC Energy Award for Energy Efficiency of Federal Building

Existing Building

100 Sussex Drive Energy Retrofit
Project Team: Robin Craig, Subash Vohra, Derek Rintoul, Jim Souter, Peter McFadden, Mauro Tomietto, Stéphane Dénommée, National Research Council
Roy Samhaber, Rob Bohnen, Randy McLean, Ameresco

Project highlights include:

  • $9.28 million investment in energy efficiency and facility renewal
  • Fume hood system renewal involved centralization of fume hood exhaust and improved control of the fume hood systems (67 retrofitted and 22 new systems)
  • Fume hood exhaust system upgraded to include major heat recovery systems (95 exhaust fans reduced to 9 larger systems with heat recovery)
  • Make-up air systems converted from natural gas to central high efficiency heated glycol
  • Fan coil systems throughout lab and office space upgraded with controls responding to occupancy and tighter environmental control
  • Completed lighting upgrade in common areas to take advantage of newer T8 lighting technology for improved illumination levels and energy savings
  • Optimization of steam system reducing steam losses and more efficient use of heat
  • Installation of a new hot water boiler heating plant to replace a majority of the central steam and all of the hot water heating system
  • Replacement of the lab distilled water system with a new RO water supply system
  • Water conservation measures implemented in the washroom facilities
  • Renewal of the perimeter heating hot water distribution piping system with new insulated piping network throughout the facility

IMG 0396 copy

From Left to Right: John McBain, Rob Bohnen, Bill Matthews, Subash Vohra, Jaime Pitfield, Roy Samhaber, Heather Kane, Robin Craig

New Construction

Building 700, 3rd Canadian Division Headquarters, CFB Edmonton, AB
Project Team: Nicholas Psihramis, Department of National Defence and Todd Colbourne, Colbourne & Kembel Architects Inc.

Sustainable design was a key project objective and the project is seeking certification to LEED Gold level. Achievements are as follows:

  • 56% more efficient than MNECB 1997
  • More than 30% reduction in water use
  • Incorporation of a construction waste management plan
  • Use of a regional materials and with recycled content
  • Low quantity of indoor air contaminants
  • Provision of higher levels of thermal comfort
  • Provision of improved ventilation and lighting control
  • Provision of improved daylighting and access to views
  • Support for alternative transportation and incorporation of green housekeeping

IMG 0408 copy

From Left to Right: John McBain, Nicholas Psihramis, Bill Matthews, Maj (Ret’d) Cheryl Godefroy, Jaime Pitfield, Chris Fox, Heather Kane, Todd Colbourne


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